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IFLA Climate Action Commitment
Közzététel időpontja: 2021-12-11 12:19:06
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Following from the 2021 report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and the catastrophic weather conditions experienced worldwide, it is evident that immediate action must be taken to reduce emissions, sequester carbon, and prepare for pending impacts. At the World Council in August 2021, IFLA presented a Climate Action Commitment intended to mobilize our profession across the globe to increase their efforts to prepare society and to protect ecosystems.

IFLA is asking its national associations to consider ratifying the Climate Action Commitment before September 30, 2021. Ratification by your association confirms your commitment to these actions and mobilizes our profession globally to do all it can do locally. 

The IFLA Climate Action Commitment confirms our united efforts towards:

• ADVANCING THE UNITED NATIONS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS (UN SDGS). Through each of the 77 nations represented by the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA), landscape architects within our member associations accelerate our work to repair global ecosystems.
• ATTAINING GLOBAL NET ZERO CARBON EMISSIONS BY 2040. We will dramatically reduce operational and embodied carbon emissions produced by our work, harness the unique capacity of landscapes to draw down carbon dioxide, and advocate for clean and multi-modal transport systems.
• ENHANCING CAPACITY AND RESILIENCE OF LIVABLE CITIES AND COMMUNITIES. Implementing green infrastructure approaches, landscape architects will work to mitigate urban heat island effect, and reduce the risks associated with fire, drought, and flood.
• ADVOCATING FOR CLIMATE JUSTICE AND SOCIAL WELLBEING. Landscape architects will increase support for equity and equality, food security and the right to clean water and happiness for all.
• LEARNING FROM CULTURAL KNOWLEDGE SYSTEMS. We commit to respecting and working with indigenous cultural land management knowledge to mitigate climate change impacts and continue work towards reconciliation.
• GALVANIZING CLIMATE LEADERSHIP. Landscape architects are uniquely placed to galvanize and lead a built environment response to this crisis. We will continue to collaborate with clients, suppliers, and allied professions to champion climate positive design.

More information on IFLA's website.