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Common ground for energy landscapes
Esemény időpontja: 2023-08-31 00:00:00 - 2023-09-01 20:00:00
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Hybrid Workshop - Nine members of IFLA Europe - Nordic, Baltic and Dutch National Associations of landscape architecture - will organise a hybrid workshop and seminar on renewable energy prod

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Nine members of IFLA Europe - Nordic, Baltic and Dutch National Associations of landscape architecture - will organise a hybrid workshop and seminar on renewable energy production in the landscape on 31 August - 1 September 2023.

MARK, Finland - Suomen maisema-arkkitehtiliitto/Finnish Association of Landscape Architects
DL, Denmark - Danske Landskabsarkitekter/Association of Danish Landscape Architects
NLA, Norway - Norske landskapsarkitekters forening/Norwegian Association of Landscape Architects
FÍLA, Iceland - Félag íslenskra landslagsarkitekta/Iceland Landscape Architects Association
SA, Sweden - Akademin för landskapsarkitektur, Sveriges Arkitekter/Academy for landscape architecture, Architects Sweden
EMAL, Estonia - Eesti Maastikuarhitektide Liit/Estonian Landscape Architects’ Union
LAAA, Latvia - Latvijas Ainavu Arhitektu Asociacia/Latvian Landscape Architects Association
LKAS, Lithuania - Lietuvos kraštovaizdžio architektų sąjunga/Lithuanian Association of Landscape Architects
NVTL, the Netherlands - Nederlandse Vereniging voor Tuin- en Landschapsarchitectuur/the Netherlands Association for Garden and Landscape Architecture

Members are kindly invited to join 31 August and 1 September at the Danske Landskabsarkitekter office in Copenhagen or online.

At the seminar on Thursday 31 August, different perspectives from Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark from both academics, practitioners and developers, will be presented and discussed. The workshop will continue on Friday 1 September with an excursion to a nearby site.

The results will be included in a White Paper on good planning and design of renewable energy and advocating the role of landscape architects.


The Nordic, Baltic and Dutch associations for landscape architecture have started a network (Community of Practice) of practicing landscape architects working on energy landscapes. The project is supported by IFLA Europe.

Please register in advance for the event https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMtdOGopjwrHNa5c2HLRr96sSnKNby7wKGt#/registration