Landscape Architecture Europe új könyvében való megjelenésre

Még lehet pályázni tájépítész alkotásokkal a Landscape Architecture Europe könyvsorozat következő kiadásába. Ugyanúgy, ahogy az előző könyvek, ez a könyv is arra törekszik, hogy a kritikai szemlélettel mutassa be a korszerű európai tájépítészet jelenlegi helyzetét és az ehhez kapcsolódó tervezői irányokat. Határidő: 2017. május 15. A zsűri munkájában kollégánk, Tihanyi Dominika is részt vesz. További részletek:


LAE pályázati határidő
2017. május 15. - 12:00, hétfő

Landscape Architecture Europe (LAE) calls on professionals from all over the continent to send in their most relevant and exemplary projects for publication in the fifth yearbook on European practice. 
Besides “traditional” landscape architectural work – designed and constructed sites of all sizes – we are also interested in receiving strategic projects and research results (i.e. studies and spatial scenarios on climate adaptation, energy transition, urban renewal, heritage development and infrastructure planning) in which the landscape architectural approach is predominant. 
For this forthcoming fifth issue we particularly welcome projects that aim to expand the agenda of landscape architecture in Europe. We’re looking for projects that are redefining the playground and the scope of the creative practice where society, politics, ecology and economy meet, at micro or macro scale, whether long term or ephemeral. LAE wants to explore how landscape architects in Europe work and design: What strategies, tools and methods do they use? What design innovations are taking place? How do they improve the disciplinary domain and effectiveness?
Submitted projects must have been designed, developed or completed in the period between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2016. The projects must have been commissioned by a public, non-governmental or corporate body and be of landscape architectural interest, and may have been designed by one or more professionals of any nationality and from any discipline within Europe.
Individuals may submit a maximum of three projects. Entries must consist of no more than six A4 pages (per project) of text (in English), drawings, images and photographs. Please submit your entries by email (as a pdf file, maximum 12 MB). A project data form must be submitted separately (as a pdf file). The entry fee is €55 for the first entry and €40 each for subsequent entries. Each participant will receive one LAE book free of charge (ex. postage).
Authors of selected projects will be asked to provide comprehensive material in printable high-quality formats, as well as recent, royalty-free photographs.
As always, an independent jury of practicing landscape architects from different European countries will select the projects and a team of experienced European design critics will structure the book and write the texts.
Landscape Architecture Europe (LAE) is a foundation that seeks to enhance the dialogue in landscape architecture on a European level by publishing a triennial yearbook. Produced for the LAE Foundation and the European branch of the International Federation of Landscape Architecture (IFLA Europe), the books aspire to be the definitive critical review of the state of European landscape architecture.