IFLA: Americas Regional Congress


A SAPEMA (Society of Landscape Architects, Environment and Ecology), mint a Tájépítészek, a Környezet és az Ökológia Egyesülete a 2015-ben, Bolíviában megrendezendő    Amerikai Területi Kongresszus központi témájának a „Táj tudományát és lelkiismeretét” javasolja.

Licancabur hegy Chile és Bolívia határán en.wikipedia.org

The SCIENCE of landscape, understood as the integrated study of landscapes, including
cultural elements within a focus of landscape management that is complementary, reciprocal
and strives for harmony between society and nature; a perspective we know from ancient
cultures in the West and the East, and which corresponds with a world-view characterized by
the practice of harmony – formerly balance. This focus will be an important contribution to the
systematic understanding of landscape and especially toward the implementation of
development plans that are in harmony with nature, even beyond sustainability.

The CONSCIENCE of landscape, understood as part of a good practice by all; becoming
aware of the limitations of natural resources, the necessity to protect the environment, as well
as identifying the threats for natural and cultural landscapes. We have landscapes of great
scenic beauty that influence our emotions and activate our mind, pleasant (‘humanized’)
landscapes which refer to our emotions and activate our mind, ‘humanized’ landscapes which
point to our history – and then there are also those mutilated, saturated, ‘agglomerated’
landscapes, which become inhuman: those that challenge us, those that reduce the quality of
our lives.

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Hereby, we are extending a cordial invitation to you all to come to Bolivia in 2015, where you
will get to know a wide variety of landscapes. And we would like to encourage you to
participate in the Regional Congress with your own contributions to the proposed themes.

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