European Award for Ecological Gardening

"Ecological gardening is an attitude that strengthens the common living space"
(Wolfgang Sobotka, Vice Governor)

The competition European Award for Ecological Gardening will be held for the first time in 2015.


European Award for Ecological Gardening - nevezés
2015. június 01. - 00:00, hétfő

It is the objective of the Award to award prizes to outstanding, high-quality projects and performances, which have already been implemented and which are based on ecological gardening. Awards will be given to innovative and sustainable projects of exemplary character, which are near-naturally designed, ecologically cultivated, include social and economic aspects and contribute to awareness-raising of the public for ecological gardening.

The objective of the Award is reflected in the assessment criteria and is intended to present excellent ideas, achievements and results in one or several aspects:

    respect for nature and biodiversity
    optimisation of ecological processes and methods in garden management
    innovative ideas on recycling and upcycling
    community and social aspects in garden projects of exemplary character
    raising public awareness for ecological gardening

The prize will be awarded by the Expert Jury, which is appointed by the organisers.

The competition is open throughout Europe, the award being aimed at gardeners, garden owners, planners, municipalities & local authorities, teams & individuals, as well as their organisations, such as educational institutions, networks and associations from all European nations.

16. Feb. - 01. June 2015

The deadline for the submission of projects is 01. June 2015

    call for participation
    submission form
    declaration of consent


will be online starting from 20. July 2015